Search Engine Optimization

Through this week’s module, we will take a look at search engine optimization (SEO). The book defines search engine optimization as “the practice of tweaking your website to help its content rank well in organic search results” via search engines (such as Google or Bing).

One of the things mentioned at the bottom of this infographic is to include social buttons on every page of your website as well as on every blog post, press release, or outbound form of communication. I had mentioned in my web project plan that i was going to incorporate my social media accounts so that future employers could find me easily.

When looking at the images on Google of SEO, I came across this particular picture. I think that it does a fantastic job at illustrating how the different components of SEO are just gears in the entire process. It emphasizes making your website “crawlable”. It will be important for me to use keywords and meta tags on each webpage so that they will each appear higher in search engine results.

Also, check out this infographic below for a great visual description of how SEO works. It is often overlooked in striving for greater SEO to have a website that is functional and very user-friendly. If you have great usability, then your users will keep coming back and also recommend your site to others. This leads to greater traffic for your site, which in turn, pushes your site higher up on search engine results.

how seo works

One of the major downsides of SEO could actually be the fact that you have higher traffic on your website. Just because your site can become more visible and exciting to view to good viewers doesn’t mean it is impervious to spam and “bad” users. It will be important for users of websites to closely monitor the traffic on their site and make sure that the increased traffic from SEO is good traffic.


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