Tips & Tricks to Managing Your Email

If you are anything like me, then you are not always the best when it comes to managing your email account – or accounts. Yes, I have two email accounts. One is a email address that I have always had and the other one is the school-issued email that you get when you become a student at South Alabama.

One great thing to do with your email account is set up something called a filter. It is a fairly self-explanatory term, in that, a filter allows a user to pull out content and place it in a location of the user’s desire. A filter can place emails from a certain person into a specific tab, mark unwanted emails from another person as read, or even spam certain emails among other things.

Filters can be sorted by the recipient, the sender, the subject of the email, or other criteria. I created a filter to categorize all emails from DailyDigest under the Forums tab in my school Gmail account. Below are the steps on how to create a filter in a Gmail account. This article also explains how to edit/delete filters as well as how to import/export filters.

Steps to creating a Gmail filter

Overall, I thought this process was fairly easy to understand and navigate. It allows you to be flexible in how your email account is managed. I believe that the more knowledge I can obtain about how to use these filters will allow the filters to be used more effectively. I hope to use them going forward to make managing my email account much easier.

Another important thing to consider when looking at your email is how professional your actual emails are read by the recipient. Below is the text from a sample email I wrote to a professor pertaining having to leave a class early.

Hi Dr. Sheffield,

My name is Charles Mathison and I am in your Wednesday 3:30 CA 260 class. Unfortunately, I will have to leave next week’s lab early due to a family event. Please let me know if there is anything of importance that I will miss. I will have a classmate send me the rest of the notes and details from the remainder of class. Thank you for understanding and can’t wait to see you in class!


Charles Mathison

If you need any more information to further your knowledge on email etiquette, check out these great links!–cms-20939–cms-20817



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