Customizing and Designing a Website

As everyone knows, getting started can be the most difficult thing in a process. That is for anything you do: writing a paper, starting a DIY project, and yes, designing a website.

This is why the outline process is so important for web design. First, you will want to have a layout of how you want your website to look. This will include how many pages and their content as well as the structure of the website navigation.

Website Layout Structure

This displays how you access landing pages from the homepage. Each landing page should have sub-landing pages branching from them.

Once, you have a general outline of how you want your website to be structured, then you turn to the design of each individual page. You should start with the homepage first. In the video “How to Design a Killer Homepage“, it talks about some of the key components that your homepage should include.

Your landing pages will contain the meat of your website. It can be thought of as the body paragraphs of an essay whereas your homepage is the introduction paragraph.

A great way to organize information on these landing pages is through the use of drop-down menus. They keep information that should be grouped as whole, together. Here is an example of how drop-down menus should be utilized:Drop-Down Menu example

Our course will be dealing Weebly for website creation. This video explains how to design, add, and organize webpages on Weebly. If this interests you, then get started at Weebly today.

5 Tips for Organizing Your Website:

  1. Make sure that each product or service you offer has its own landing page.
  2. Your homepage should be attention-grabbing but not flashy for flashy-sake.
  3. Also, your homepage should be thought of as a table of contents, showing your audience what they will find.
  4. Make sure that you have three pages for sure on your website: homepage, about page, and contact page. These are must haves.
  5. Your content should be organized logically like a restaurant menu, not just one long list.

Along with the aforementioned videos, which are hyperlinked in the text, this article on web design was used to provide information for this post.


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