Taking a look at Weebly


Weebly is a website that is great for those people who are just getting into the field of web design. It is a fairly simple website that provides many features easily accessible to the user. They provide the user with a template so that the user does not have to start from scratch.

One of the most recognizable features that Weebly offers is their “Drag & Drop” feature. It allows you to drag any item or feature that you want to your website. You can edit these items at any time.



My homepage with options to “Drag & Drop”.

You are able to insert audio clips, images, slideshows, or video among other things. Weebly has their own galleries for these items or you can add your own items.

One great thing that gives Weebly an advantage is that it is a free website. However, it provides users with the ability to pay for upgrades should they choose to do so. Finally, if the user wishes to move their site from Weebly to another host site they can do that without losing their information.

Another feature is that you are able to have third party integrations on your website through the App Center. These apps can be used for a variety of things, such as marketing, calendar services, shipping, and much more. You are also able to integrate your site through the Weebly mobile app. This way you can create a website that is compatible on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.


Weebly offers integration over multiple devices.

When you sign up with Weebly, they provide you with a variety of themes to choose from. To publish your site, you must pick a theme but you are never stuck with just this theme. You are always able to change the theme of your website whenever you please. I am currently using the Birdseye – Portfolio theme. I think that I will stick with this theme as the blue colorway caught my attention but I am in no way completely set on this theme.



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