Intro – First Blog Post

Hey guys! My name is Charles Mathison and I am a junior at the University of South Alabama. I am a Strategic Communications major with a concentration in Public Relations. Also, my minor is Marketing. I was born and raised in Mobile, AL and obviously chose to attend college here, as well. I have a large passion for sports (just about every sport…P.S. I loved the Olympics) and hope to get a career involving marketing or public relations in the sports field.

When I think of a blog, for some reason I think of an individual or a small group of people posting information or their thoughts about a specific idea or topic. Although, many blogs today are an accumulation of the thoughts and information from a larger group of authors. A blog is designed to relay information to a community of people that are interested in that specific topic.

I wouldn’t say that I currently read any blogs nor have I ever been an avid reader of blogs. Only occasionally will I come across a blog when browsing the internet for something. Therefore, I am not very well versed in the language of blogs and can see this blog being a struggle for myself throughout the semester.

Seeing as I hope to get into sports marketing, a blog for this profession could include certain tactics for how to “properly” promote a brand, team, or university athletic program. Since we had to write this post, I looked up a prominent blog pertaining to this type of profession and it contains information and PR news releases with tags such as sports publicity, marketing, and brand promotion.

The video did a particularly good job of trying to explain the best way to write a post for a blog. The guy narrating the video kept it interesting and fairly easy to understand the topics and concepts necessary to write an effective blog post.


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